December 21, 2017: Wrapping Day

DuoLingo Streak: 110 Days

Thursday. The Steam Winter Sale started today.

Today is present wrapping day.  Have to get the bulk of that done so that there is time for all of the last minute stuff.

This evening I took all of the little kids down to the playground in the neighbourhood.  It’s a hefty walk to get down there with all of them.

I got some quiet time at the house this evening because the kids all went out to look at Christmas lights.

Using the Internet down here has been horrible.  It’s Comcast xFinity, some of the worst Internet in the developed world and certainly worse than we’ve had in Central America.  It’s ridiculously slow and unreliable.  Nothing ever works.  And no one fixes it because this is just how it always is, everyone has gotten used to it.  This alone is a reason to never live in the Houston area, no reliable Internet.  And it costs quite a bit more than our screaming fast, rock solid Frontier fiber in Dallas.

Spiceworks went down today, like hard down.  Down down, to the point that they are all but out of business.  It’s laughable.  Everything is down, their website, their applications that users use, and they didn’t even have monitoring to know about it.  And all of this after their epic outage a few months ago where everyone found out that they had no redundancy and no failover plan and no IT staff to deal with anything and now, months later, nothing has been addressed.  What incompetence!  It’s ridiculous that anyone has the cluelessness to think that they are in any way a technical organization.

Tonight we watched The Santa Con.