December 23, 2017: Skyrim

Saturday. Today I took my chance to get some time on the Steam laptop to myself. I have been doing a huge amount of web migrations from A Small Orange over to Hostadillo this week so that NTG can close down their ASO contract and save a few hundred dollars a year and now that that is basically done and things have slowed down for the holiday I am taking some time while the cousins spend time playing together to get my winter week of video gaming started.  This is the only real time that I get to play video games all year, pretty consistently.

So after a few years of playing, I am settling in to try to get to the end of Skyrim.  I have a long way to go.  But it gives me a chance to escape and get some quiet time to myself.

The kids all watched a bit of Coyote Peterson together in the upstairs living room today.  That is one of my favourite shows that they watch on YouTube.

Today, Emily and I went out and picked up Subway for the family for dinner.