January 15, 2019: Finishing Tom Sawyer

Tuesday. I got up at eight thirty, there were already a lot of people messaging me by the time that I climbed out of bed.

Dominica and Paul went out this morning to do a big round of grocery shopping. They went to both Winco and Cosco. They were out for quite a while, and now the house is quite well stocked.

The guest bathroom work is slowly moving forward. Dominica and Paul made a couple of trips out to home stores to get supplies so that everything would be ready. Time is running out to have the bathroom all done before the Grices get here on Friday evening.

I helped with some literary school stuff with the girls. We are working on doing more literature stuff by doing quizzes on the books that we read. Today we did a Tom Sawyer quiz. It is clear that the girls really have strong comprehension of the material. Even though we took a really long time to read the book, with months off in the middle, they retained a lot. And we haven’t even gotten quite to the end yet; Dominica was just anxious to give them a quiz.

Dinner was salmon, butternut squash, and some veggies. Both girls loved the fish and ate all of it. They have turned into salmon lovers. We made it through one episode of Star Trek: Voyager while we ate dinner.

My work day was decently busy. Not terribly busy, but a bit. But I worked late. I kept working all day and decided, since I was getting so much done, that I might as well just keep working. So I worked right through until after midnight! About a sixteen hour day for me. I had a lot of time spent on the phone quite late with clients. It made for a busy evening. I was actually busier after seven then I had been all day.

Today is the “meaningful” vote on the Brexit that has been delayed for months thanks to the prime minister stalling. What a mess things have been over there. I spent much of the day watching the news to see what would happen.

Tonight, the girls and I read several chapters in Tom Sawyer to get us to the end of the book. There is a lot that the girls did not understand, but they both enjoyed the book. In fact, they liked it so much that they both decided, with Luciana leading the charge, that they want to move on to The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn tomorrow. They are pulling ahead of Dominica with their literary backgrounds.