February 12, 2018: Driving from Dallas to Norcross

Monday. This is it, we are traveling today.  Today we are driving from Dallas to Norcross, Georgia where we will be for two weeks.  Then we are driving to New York for a week and a half.  Then from there we will drive back to Texas (stopping in Missouri, of course) where we will get one day, before I need to fly out to California for half a week more.  It is an extremely busy month of travel that starts today.

We were up around six in the morning and did a good job of getting ourselves out the door and on the road.  I was the first one up, let everyone else sleep a bit longer.

It’s about a fourteen hour drive from Dallas to Norcross.  We did okay on the drive.  Nothing major happened on the journey.  We got to do a slightly different route than we normally take across the south so while it crossed many places that we have been before, it was just a little bit unique for a lot of the distance.  We have taken I10 across before.  And we take I40 quite often.  We do I30 all of the time.  But today we are taking I20, going between many of the places that we have been before or crossing other routes that we have taken.  So nothing super amazing, but at least it isn’t the “same old.”

The girls have been to Georgia but have never been to Atlanta, so this is a little new in that way.  I’ve spent time in the area that they have not, so less of something new for me. But I’ve never spent much time in Atlanta, so I am looking forward to it myself.

It was pushing midnight when we arrived at the Hilton Homewood Suites Norcross / Peachtree Corners and got checked in.  We got a great deal on the hotel and are here for two weeks.  We will be racking up the points on this one.  We were surprised when they gave us not one, but two suites that are joined.  We have three full beds (a queen for the master, and each girl has their own normal bed.)  We have three televisions, a full living room, a small kitchen with pantry, two full bathroom suites, we even have a fireplace (possibly two!)  This is a great hotel set up!  The girls are super excited about having their own room that is a bit separate from us and having their own individual beds.  I don’t remember them having that sinc we left Crete a few years ago.

It was late and I have to be in the office in the morning.  So we unloaded the minivan and settled in as quickly as we could.  We set up laptops and made sure that things were working, then it was time for bed.