February 14, 2018: Madeline Is An Adult, Crazy Hotel Party

Happy Valentines Day.  Wednesday. This is a big one for us, our “baby niece”, Francesca’s eldest child, turns eighteen today!  She was so little when she was a flower girl at our wedding.  We will be taking her to the UK as her graduation present in June.

We started the day with everyone getting breakfast down in the hotel lobby.  We are trying to make this a habit.

Liesl & Luciana Breakfast at the Homewood Suites in Norcross

Today was my second day in the office in Norcross.  Had a very productive day and got to speak at a board meeting today, which went really well.

After getting home from the office this evening we had about an hour to just relax in the hotel room.  Then we went down to the lobby for happy hour to get snacks and drinks.  The place was all decorated for Valentine’s Day.  The girls thought that that was really cool.

We did the regular happy hour and were just about to head back up to the room for the evening when the hotel management invited us to stay for the Valentine’s Day activities that would start after happy hour.  They had games and prizes and stuff.  We weren’t thinking that it would be for us, with the kids, but they asked us to stay and there were not many people and the kids thought that some games would be fun, so we decided to hang around for it.

It turns out, it is a good thing that we stayed for the entertainment, there was only one other table of guests from the hotel.  Partially this was due to really bad promotions about this event.  The in-room calendars had the evening activities limited to just the normal happy hour event, so no one knew about all of this.  But they had a DJ, all kinds of decorations, party games, and so forth.  It was very nicely done.  A lot of people who work at the hotel got dressed up and participated since there were so few guests.

We ended up winning many of the games and got lots of prizes.  The girls had a fun time, although Liesl was so shy about some of the games that it made her quite upset.

Luciana & Liesl Ready for Valentine’s Day Games

It made for a fun and really nice evening and we got to know many of the people who worked at the hotel pretty well, which is perfect as we will be living there for the next two weeks (they offered me a job, too!)

The Valentine’s Day party went quite late, I think till nine or ten!  They had food, drinks, games, dancing.  The girls even did line dancing!  It was  a very nice time.