April 13, 2018: New Bathroom Sink

Friday. Had morning coffee with Paul and a light rain started in Dallas today.

Paul and Dominica went to Home Depot this morning to swap out the counter top for the bathroom vanity because the last one was cracked on receipt. So they are getting a new one.

This afternoon the new sink was installed.

It looks great. The new bathroom is really coming along. I am still trying to convince Dominica that the old bathtub has to go, it is just so old and ugly and does not go at all with the style of the new bathroom. So much money and effort going into that bathroom, seems crazy to me to leave one old piece there to not make it complete.

Dominica made veggie beef stroganoff for dinner tonight.

After dinner, Luciana requested a daddy / daughter movie night. She wants to watch the new Netflix show LostĀ inĀ Space based on the old television show. It was kind of okay. Overall, I was not too thrilled. I don’t mind watching it, but I don’t feel compelled to keep watching it, either.