April 22, 2018: Ciana’s Sick Night

Sunday. Tonight we got back to our Harry Potter marathon with Paul and watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. This is when the movies really start to get good.

For dinner tonight, Paul made tuna steaks. They were amazing.

Tonight, late at night, Ciana suddenly got suck and threw up while in bed. She was not feeling sick at all, it came out of nowhere. We had no warning, she didn’t feel a thing.

She made it an hour or two, but got sick again. A rough night for her. She is nothing like her mother, though. Getting sick like that doesn’t phase Luciana at all. If it didn’t catch her so much by surprise, I doubt that she would even tell us that anything happened. She is so casual about handling it, she just runs into the bathroom and doesn’t complain at all. She’s been like this for years. So amazingly mature about that. Never known or heard of any kids like that, barely any adults.

So pretty much no sleep for me, either. But obviously I did much better than Ciana.