April 25, 2018: Happy Seventh Birthday Luciana

Wednesday. And today Luciana turns seven! Happy Birthday to Luciana!

Both girls are feeling better today. Luciana is fully over her bout with the “flu”, and Liesl was feeling pretty perky this morning.

Dad was doing research on the family history and found out that my great….. great grandfather was “The Little Dutchman”, George Washington’s Aide-de-camp during part of the Revolution and the presenter of the white horse that he rode in many pictures of Yorktown. Very cool bit of personal history.

For Luciana’s birthday, we had pizza by her choice. She loves pizza. The big theme of Ciana’s birthday is Shopkins. She got loads of Shopkins stuff today.

Tonight I got Luciana’s flu myself. Did not get nearly as sick as she did, but I did feel badly tonight.

Insomnia again tonight for me. I think it is from being sick and that causing my heart to race which was giving me anxiety. Of course, with all of the stress of the last two weeks, it’s no surprise that I am feeling anxiety and struggling to sleep.