April 30, 2018: Moving Back Into the Old Office

Monday. Back to work after our weekend and adventure in Houston. This week, like many to come I am sure, is very busy. I am quite suddenly doing so many more tasks than I have done for years. I am so much more involved in the day to day work and right in the thick of things. For the time being, it is almost entirely just Gene and me handling everything. It is so much more work because not only am I doing a bunch of work that I am not used to, but also dealing with the rebuilding of the company, creating new processes, doing a massive knowledge transfer. It is a bit overwhelming. Doing it without all of the stress would be bad enough. But with the insane levels of stress, it is just awful.

I dealt with Rackspace account stuff today. That was no fun. Then this afternoon had to going out to deal with some in person banking, too.

This evening I did a bit of cleaning and moving of furniture. Once work was done for the day, the project was to move out of Liesl’s old bedroom where I have had my office for quite some time, and move back into the office proper that we built nearly a decade ago. That took a lot of work, but I am back in the custom designed office that I have missed.

Paul moved into Liesl’s old room. The girls are just using Luciana’s room, the back one.

Dinner tonight was Quorn “chicken” tacos that Dominica made.