April 7, 2018:

Saturday.  Today the tiling begins in the bathroom!  We are so excited.

The first thing this morning was that Paul got the new bathroom light fixture mounted.  It is bright in there now, way brighter than it ever was before.  And then it was the finishing of the painting of the bathroom.  It is a pale, modern blue colour now, instead of the brushed denim look that was there before.  Such an improvement!

Lots of accounting and finance work today.  Getting things done while work is slow, since it is the weekend.

Jim came over early in the afternoon and he and Paul got right into setting the floor tiles for the bathroom.  The new, large, modern, dark tiles look so good.  It is hard to believe that our old, ugly, run down bathroom is going to look so nice and modern.

At five thirty, Luciana’s tooth came loose and she lost it.

Luciana Lost Another Tooth