May 18, 2018: The New Parent Trap

As every morning, I started off in the office working. Late in the morning I was out in the front garden trying to save the lavender plants. The summer heat really affects them, they need a lot of water. One of the plants appears to have been dug up my something. My theory is that we have a cat that hangs out in the front garden box.

About eight months later we would learn that the cat that was doing this is Nuc who lives with Ken in the alley behind the house.  So we know this cat well now.

I am working as a bench tech today. We have a lot of laptops and desktops that need to be built and I have a bit of an assembly line set up in the bar to allow me to work on everything.

The girls and I had a daddy daughter movie night tonight. We ordered a Domino’s order at nine thirty.

We started our movie night with Liesl’s favourite pizza tradition of a classic Pink Panther movie. Tonight it was The Pink Panther 7.

Our next film was the 1998 remake of Disney’s The Parent Trap. I have been trying to talk the girls into watching this movie for years. Finally I was able to convince them. And, as expected, they loved it. It was the perfect choice for our movie night.

That took us until well after one in the morning. Then it was time for bed.