May 26, 2018: Madeline’s Graduation Party

Saturday. Today is the party. Much to be done. The party prep got started in the early morning. It was an all day affair. We spent the early morning setting up tables and chairs. So much to do.

I caught the littles up on the air mattress jumping on it trying to launch each other into the air. Not even their own air mattress, but Paul’s!

The kids didn’t get in the pool when they could, and then they got in big trouble and got put in time out, and missed their chances in the pool.

Today we had a toilet disaster. Liesl was trapped in the bathroom with two locked doors and the toilet didn’t just clog, but the flap broke and just kept flowing. So the toilet overflowed and Liesl could not get out of the bathroom and I could not get in to help her. What a disaster. I finally managed to get in the door. I had to open up the toilet and stop the flow by hand. There was no way to shut it off at the wall. I had to stand there keeping the water from flowing while Liesl went running to find Bennie. Once Bennie came up, we were able to find a way to get the water shut off. The outlet from the wall was broken so that you could not cut off the water properly.

So bathroom cleanup went on for a really long time. What a project that was once we managed to get the toilet fixed.

The graduation party started at four and went all evening. There was a huge number of teens, and they all got in the pool. The pool went from clear and blue to green and hazy in no time. The food was really great, Daniel’s family brought loads of real, authentic homemade Mexican and did a BBQ, too. It was all very impressive.

It was an exhausting day. We went until late. Lots to clean up. Tomorrow we are heading back up to Dallas.