May 7, 2018: Meeting Our Accountant

Monday. It was an exhausting night last night, I only got about three hours of sleep and was not happy to be getting up this morning.  So tired and worn out.

It was a warm day today, I noticed it over 92 this afternoon.

Our accountant decided to come over today to meet with us, so the morning turned into a lot of frantic cleaning as the house is really quite a disaster.  We still have construction mess all over the place and the bathroom is not done.  So the living room remains a staging area for that and has turned into the make shift corporate war room with both Paul and Dominica working out of it full time, so needless to see it is a total mess.

So all manner of cleaning all morning.  The upside is that household firedrills of this nature are great for getting the house looking better than it often does.

After such a crazy busy day yesterday, today really was not all that bad.  Get enough done on Sunday, and I guess Monday can be okay.

I was so busy today that I had to skip lunch.  Lots of meetings and catching up.  But the day went well.