June 1, 2018: New Living Room TV

Friday. Finally into June. Going to push through and get to the end of this spring season.

Last night I was still working until after three in the morning.

Today Paul mounted his 65″ 4K television in the living room above the fireplace. We haven’t used the drop down screen for the projector in years. We’ve had the small 42″ 1080p Walmart TV in the living room for a while and it is way too small. So this is a major improvement.

Another day of being so busy that I never got to emerge from my office to see the family . In fact I have really not seen them all week. My meal today was fake chicken sandwiches that I made myself and ate alone in my office.

Not only was I super busy all day, but I had to work until three in the morning, again. This has become way too much of a regular thing.