June 17, 2018: Spanish Movie Night

Father’s Day.  All alone today.  Paula remembered to wish me a happy Father’s Day from Romania.

I managed to have a quiet Sunday.  Did some work, but took some time for me, too.  This evening I made it a Netflix evening in Spanish and checked out the movie Ocho Apellidos Vascos whose name “Eight Basque Surnames” makes perfect sense, but whose English title “Spanish Affair” makes little sense.  It was a bit odd, for sure, but I really enjoyed the movie.  And boy do I miss Spain.

I liked the movie so much that I just went straight on to Ocho Apellidos Vascos 2.  The sequel was not nearly as good as the original, but still enjoyable.

It was a fun night of Spanish films.

I figured out that in the summer when we are running on air conditioning, I actually keep the house around eighty degrees when no one else is home. I would never have guessed.  But with the place to myself I do not mind the heat and just put up with it.  It is actually pretty comfortable.  I was actually getting a little chilly when I let it drop much more.