June 30, 2018: Driving to NY

Saturday and time to finally get up to New York.  I am driving this trip alone this direction.  The drive went well today.  No issues at all.  Looking forward to getting to New York.  But I need to make a stop in Pennsylvania first.  So no way to make it all of the way in one shot.

I did so well driving today, maybe because I have not been driving all that much for a while, that I really felt like I could make the drive all of the way back home without stopping.  But I have a meeting, and I allowed myself two days to get there to make sure that I could make it.  So today could not be a marathon drive even though I was really feeling it.

I decided just north of Nashville that it was time to grab a hotel so that I would have a place to stop that made sense.  I really wanted to keep driving, but it didn’t make any sense.

I ended up getting a Tru by Hilton around Louisville.  It turned out to be a really nice hotel, I like the Tru feel.  It’s a bit more modern.

So I got a nice night of sleep ahead of me.  I stopped early and have very little distance to travel tomorrow.