June 5, 2018: Hail of a Night

I had gotten to bed early last night, and that means that a lot of work piled up during the night. So even though I was up at a good time this morning, I was a bit behind. So I started the day trying to catch up with everything from work.

We had a super busy day on MangoLassi today. We brought the three million monthly thread loads number today, a very exciting benchmark.

I was quite busy today. Busy with ML during the day, and this evening I was doing consulting work for a road cleaning company in Salt Lake City and Denver until decently late. A busy day for me.

Tonight, after midnight, we got some crazy hail here in Dallas. Hail the size of pennies coming down at one thirty in the morning. I had to stay up so that I could keep tabs on the hail and make sure that we were not getting too much damage. One of the worst parts of owning a house, the constant worry of something like a hail storm destroying your home.