June 8, 2018: The Family Leaves for a Month

Friday. My lonely month without the family begins. They were out and on the road at eight this morning. Paul drove them in the minivan out to Louisiana’s border where they met up with the Grices and headed off for their drive to New York. Paul then drove back to the house getting back in the evening. I had to stay home and work all day, I would have driven the family out, but it would have meant a day without me covering things at work and that was really not an option. So I had to stay home and not get the last hours with the family myself. But we spent yesterday together instead.

My morning was very busy at work, but I also started my usual pattern of cleaning the house now that no one is here. I did two loads of dishes before noon!

Did Rocket.Chat rollouts today. Then this afternoon, I worked with Maggie doing technical training.

This evening, Paul and I put in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Party One and made it one step closer to Paul having completed the series.