July 12, 2018: Night Out

Thursday. My morning started off with loads of Sage 50 (aka Peachtree) corruption issues.  So I got to spend a few hours working on that first thing this morning as we have a lot of users.

Breakfast today was a fruit smoothie.  I am really enjoying those.  Frozen berries, chocolate peanut butter whey protein.  It’s actually quite tasty.

Later in the morning, it was time to support printer issues.

I built and rolled out another Rocket.Chat server today.  It’s been a month of Rocket.Chat, for sure.

This evening, Dominica and I managed to get out for a date night alone.  We went to a club and did some dancing and had some drinks.  It was nice to get away.  Very handy having Paul living with us, we have a babysitter now, without it being a big hassle.