September 28, 2018: Heading to Missouri

Friday. We loaded up in the minivan and left first thing in the morning to head to Missouri. We were up so early that we were on the road before five! We drove up through Oklahoma, getting into Oklahoma just after six! I don’t think that we have ever managed to leave so early.

Part of the reason that we are driving so early is so that we can get as much of the drive over with as early as possible so that I can do some work from the hotel once we arrive.

Paul attempted to surprise us with miniature gold as we drove through Missouri, but he was foiled as the place was closed. What a pain.

We arrived at our hotel is Sullivan, Missouri at two thirty. We are staying at the Baymont. It has a nice indoor swimming pool that the girls are very excited about.

We got settled in, then the girls went swimming for a big while I worked. That worked out really well, I had stuff to do and they were thrilled with getting swim time in.

For dinner we went out to Planet Sub that we always go to when we are here. We love their subs.

After dinner we went bowling. Liesl has been interested in bowling for a week or two. She saw it on Growling Pains and thought that she would like it.

Overall, the girls had a good time. Luciana got decently frustrated, as you might imagine. But she had fun. Liesl really enjoyed it. Paul had fun. Dominica pushed herself too far and hurt her back, of course. I, obviously, did not bowl at all as I have carpal tunnel and even thinking about holding a bowling ball makes my entire hand hurt. The sheer thought of it makes my broken thumb ache. Nothing could be worse for me as an activity physically.

Tomorrow is Chris’ surprise birthday party.