October 19, 2018: Liesl Programming Again

Friday. I was actually up before seven this morning.  Apparently my internal clock is all messed up.

Liesl did all of her reading for her book club today.  She has two short books, instead of one long one, like last month.  She kept running into the office to show me pictures of cute animals.  This month she went for non-fiction books about animal rescue services.  So they are full of adorable animal photos.

Reading The Witch of Blackbird Pond last month was just way too much for Liesl, it burned her out.  So now she is resorting to the total opposite situation.

Liesl also did several lessons in her programming class today.  She decided that it has been a while so she wanted to start over from the beginning to cover the material again.  She is doing Python and making good progress.  Did something like six lessons today.  She is now able to do them mostly on her own, just reading the directions and following them.  She still needs help, but she used to need me to assist and read everything.  Now she is decently self sufficient.

It was another crazy, rainy day.  So much rain.  It didn’t rain “that” hard, but it rained steady the entire day.  A ridiculous amount of water.  The yard is completely underwater, the atrium had a few inches, the plants are showing that they’ve had too much water.

I did some DuoLingo today and found that they have extensive new “stories” when you do it on the computer and so I did a few of those today.  The last time that I did these they had maybe a dozen of the.  Now they appear to have about one hundred and fifty!  I need to dig into those and see how that will help me as I work hard on progressing through my language training.

I put in a lot of time working on some PHP and Laravel stuff today.  I am trying to get myself trained up in using that.  It is coming along well and I have something to show for my work at this point.

Tonight we watched more of the third season of Growing Pains.  It makes me so happy how much the girls enjoy this show.  The really want to watch Just the Ten of Us, the spin off series that made it for three seasons, but no streaming service has released it, sadly.  Fingers crossed, as Growing Pains is very new to Amazon Prime, that maybe they are working on getting Just the Ten of Us, too.  It was a really good show that I watched in the eighties just like its parent show, but it wasn’t nearly as popular and I have not seen one episode of it since it originally aired from somewhere around 1988-1991.

For our bedtime reading tonight, the girls opted for The Magician’s Nephew which I think that they are liking more than Tom Sawyer.  It is certainly for simpler for them to follow.  They liked some of the Narnia books years ago, but I don’t believe that we read this one.  So this is all new for them, but they know that they like the universe in which it is set.

We are about three chapters in at this point.  Hard to believe that it has been thirty seven years since mom first read these stories to me and recorded them on tape.