October 22, 2018: Guatemalan Bakery

Monday.  I got up and worked for a bit this morning.  A nice, slow morning at work.  It was great.  And the weather is really nice today, kind of cool but mostly sunny and pleasant.

Luciana got up and immediately said that we needed to go to the Guatemalan bakery down on Belt Line because she has been wanting to go there for a while and everyone was up early enough to be able to go today.  So that is what the girls and I did.

We drove down and each of the girls picked out a few items.  I got a little bit for myself, too, although Luciana ended up eating it for me.

From the bakery, we went over to Pupusa Dona Lola and got pupusas con frijoles y queso for Liesl and me.  And we stopped by Taqueria Gio next door and ordered a quesadilla for Luciana and some tacos pescado for me to try.  It was a serious Central American themed day.

We came home and ate out delicious Central American lunch and watched Growing Pains.  It was a very nice lunch excursion, we had a lot of fun.

At one I had a meeting so had to leave lunch with the girls a little early to sit on that call for an hour.  Not an important call, just a long one that is all “touchy feely” and there is really no purpose to me being there at all.

I got the lawn completely mowed today, it takes days to do it as I have to mow and then let the battery for the weed whacker charge for a while before continuing.  So while I could get up in the morning and start early and theoretically do three rounds in a day, it is far more practical to get one done per day.

Ken did more work on the roof tonight.  That is slow progress.  Hopefully it gets somewhere sometime soon.

I made pasta for the girls for dinner tonight.