October 6, 2018: MangoCon Venues


For lunch today, we ordered out pizza and subs from Ralph’s. We’ve only recently discovered Ralph’s. It is so close to the house and has the best pizza that we’ve found so far in Texas. It is so close that we could actually walk to it! In fact, I have.

While having lunch, Liesl and I watched some Growing Pains.

This afternoon I watched the girls while Paul and Dominica did some driving around to check out different venues for MangoCon. We are mostly looking at places in Addison, but checking on Plano, Carrollton, and Irving, too.

I did some Laravel and PHP work this evening. Then around ten Liesl and I watched some television together.

At midnight, Rachel came buy and picked me up and we went to the Fox and Hound and played darts till closing time.