November 10, 2018: Craft Shopping and Movie Night

Saturday. Today it was time to take Luciana to the craft store. She has been asking to be able to go because she wants art supplies. So everyone decided to come along for the trip.

We drove out to Plano to go to Michael’s. Paul and I hit the liquor store in the plaza while the girls hit the craft store. Then we joined them.

Luciana looked at loads of paints and art supplies and picked up a few things, including a huge supply of canvases. Liesl looked through things and found all kinds of cool educational kits that she asked for for Christmas. She really wants E=MC2 stuff.

Liesl and I had a movie night tonight. First we watched Harry and the Henderons which is something that I have been wanted to show her. She liked it. It is such a classic. I’m very happy that she liked it because it is old for her and that is always a risk that she will not like it just because it is old.

The we watched National Treasure which I tried to get Liesl to watch previously but she did not want to see. Finally I talked her into it and she liked it.