November 19, 2018: From Ontario to New York

We started the day in Michigan with a view of Ontario, Canada across the river. We got up and checked out of the hotel. The girls thought that the hotel was a lot of fun because it had big open banquet spaces that were not in use and they were able to run around them like little maniacs and blow off some steam that collects when kids ride in the car for days. They enjoyed the views and the space. And I enjoyed getting my Hilton Honors points, of course.

We got on the road right away and crossed into Canada, this is, I believe, only the second time that the girls have been to Canada. We really do not go very often.

We made good time across the Ontario Peninsula. In fact, we decided to wait until we were in London before we bothered to stop at a Tim Horton’s to get coffee and breakfast. We love getting authentic Canadian Tim Horton’s rather than the imitation American stuff. Everyone loved the food and the adults all enjoyed their delicious Canadian coffee. The girls really liked the food. Liesl, our soup lover, really liked their soup there.

The weather was great for a warm, bright drive through Canada. We made good time and got to Niagara Falls while the day was still young. Paul really wanted to do some stuff there as he has never been before. But it was packed with tourists and was going to be very expensive and time consuming to do anything, so after driving around for a while trying to come up with things to do we eventually gave up on all of it.

By late afternoon we got to dad’s house and we visited and did dinner. That was around five that we ate.

I took some time to set up my laptop and get to work to catch up on everything since I had been in the car so much, obviously there was a lot for me to be doing. This was around six thirty.

Tomorrow I am going to be out of the office all day as Paul and I are heading down to Big Flats to work for the entire day. No rest for us. So I needed to get to bed early so that I could get some sleep. It’s been an exhausting week and tomorrow is going to be long.