November 22, 2018: Nick Tahou’s Year 23

Thursday. Happy Thanksgiving. This morning we started the day at thirteen degrees below zero! This is pretty surprising for us Texans, we are not used to this.

For the holiday meal we went to Aunt Sharon’s and Uncle Leo’s. Got to see Jeremy and his family, Sara and her family and had a lot of fun. Paul joined us. The girls had a lot of fun playing with their cousin Olivia, and with the Richardsons’ cats.

We went back to dad’s after the meal and spent the evening there. Then tonight, for the first time in many years, I actually got a chance to go to the annual (twenty third annual, in fact) Thanksgiving Night dinner at Nick Tahou’s in Rochester!

I used to go every year, long ago. Our Nick Tahou’s Thanksgiving Tradition even predates SGL, and that is really something! We have been going ever since Joe and I were in college together at Robert’s Wesleyan back in the 1990s.

All five of us went since the kids have never managed to make it to Nick Tahou’s for this. This is especially cool to get to bring them and have them meet everyone. Paul drove and Dominica came along as well. We had called Nate ahead of time to make sure that no one would be showing up that should not be there given things that have been found out this past year. But we were safe, they would not be there.

Nearly all the old guard was there. Jeff, Joe, Nate and his family. We spent the whole time catching up, it has been forever since we were all together. And this past year has given us a lot to be catching up on.