Thursday.  This week has been so crazy that I was not even sure if today was Thursday or Tuesday.  I kept thinking that the week had just begun, but it is actually nearly over.

Today was just a busy, head down kind of work day.  Got a lot done and was very happy about it.  The kids spent loads of time working on projects for Christmas.  This year we are working hard on focusing on the kids making meaningful and thoughtful gifts for people, rather than buying things.  So they have been hard at work making stuff for days and have a lot to do yet.  Dominica is hoping to be leaving for Houston on Saturday morning if she can get all ready by then.

Rachel is supposed to be back on Sunday, so the plan is that we are going to go out to The Church to go dancing on Sunday after she returns from Austin.  

I spent several hours today working on the phone with Valentina.  We tend to do video calls while we work so she was looking at me for a few hours while we worked and she sketched this new picture of me today while we were working.  It’s awesome, I should use it as a my new avatar, my old one has been there for so long now at this point.

This evening I relaxed and watched a bit of Star Trek: Enterprise.  I have to get in some time with it before tomorrow since Fuller House releases tomorrow and the girls have been waiting for that for forever and we will be watching nothing but that once it releases.  I am making very good progress on Enterprise.  It is not that long of a show, I will be through it all in no time.