December 3, 2018: Bedroom Ceiling Collapse

Monday. Just a work day for me. I worked all day and this evening Ken came over to work on the south side of the roof and wall that needs to be fixed.

I got the girls set up with a VoIP phone in their bedroom today. They are all set up so that they can easily call us in different rooms of the house or call grandpa back in New York.

Luciana called grandpa to talk to him this evening when there was a loud noise in my bedroom. Liesl ran into my office to tell me that something had happened in my bedroom. I thought she was seeing a mark on the ceiling or something but when I got in there I found that the ceiling had “ruptured”. I was so confused from what I was seeing.

Hole in Bedroom Ceiling

Once I had time to collect myself and analyze the room, I found a 2″x6″ board on the floor. It seemed like there was insulation and dirt everywhere. The board fell right onto the couch where Luciana had been sitting before she called grandpa just minutes before. And it only just missed one of the laptops.

It was a huge mess, and now we are wide open to the attic, which is wide open to the outside. I went outside and got Ken to have him come look at it. He figured out that he had been working and knocked loose a board and it had fallen straight through the ceiling.

Ken called his girlfriend to come help with the cleanup and fixing the ceiling. So instead of getting the wall of the house fixed, now there is even more work to do and such a mess. But it was at least working and “fixed”, even if it didn’t look good. Just more stress to our house situation.

Luciana was very thankful that she was talking to grandpa so that she wasn’t where the board came through the ceiling.