December 30, 2018: No More iPad

Sunday, my lazy day. My last day at home alone, Paul gets home early tomorrow morning. I slept in till eight thirty then got up and went into the office for a little bit.

I worked a little this morning. And then spoke to Gene for about an hour about a HAM radio project that he is working on.

I baked a loaf of take and bake bread for lunch and put on Star Trek: Enterprise. I got through several episodes and then realized that the Star Trek parody show by Seth McFarlin The Orville was available on Hulu. I have been wanting to see that for a long time and did not realize that it was available. So I started watching that.

I did some more cleaning today. Made it through more boxes. I am making very good progress. I got the keyboard (piano, not computer) out of the dining room today. That’s going to help with space in there significantly. It has been so full that there has been no way to actually use that keyboard anyway. I’m not even sure if we have a power adapter forfor it. It has It has been used as a shelf for papers for six months now at least.

It was a very quiet day. I barely spoke to anyone all day.

I found out from Dominica that apparently Luciana left my iPad, the last modern iPad that we own, on the upstairs sofa at the Grices’ and someone jumped on it and shattered it. So that is the end of our iPad era. The girls still each have their own old iPads, but those are so old that they are approaching useless. Most of their games and stuff would only run on my much newer one. Now that that is gone, we will probably not invest anything into iPads any longer. They held up well and were nice to use but the cost and limitations were just too much. If we are going to get anything now, it might as well be a Chromebook Tablet or an Android tablet for a fraction of the money.

By the end of the day I must have gone through nearly ten boxes and bins of stuff from the garage. We have so much more working space out there now! Totally a successful day. I hope that we can get new shelving for the garage soon and see about getting the center of the garage cleaned to the point that we can use it. We are finding so much stuff still to donate, that is going really well.

I ended up staying up quite late. Paul gets in at eight in the morning.

In addition to a little NTG work, and loads of unpacking, and some house cleaning, I also did many hours of SGL updates today. All of 2018 Q1 is now complete. It takes so long to catch up with those. But I am getting there.