January 13, 2019: Sunday of Television

Sunday. Day 15,663 of life. Dominica and I slept in until after eleven today! We must have been really exhausted, we even went to bed on the early side. Like twelve hours of sleep, we never do that. Well, I never do that. She does, sometimes.

I worked on SGL updates this morning. I got SGL totally caught up all of the way through June by just after noon. So that is the first half the year completely taken care of. And the second half of the year was far better, so should move much more quickly.

We watched some Brooklyn Nine Nine and then decided to try a few episodes of the “new” remake of Lethal Weapon which was redone in 2016 and is still running. So far, we think that it is pretty good. It has a strong cast, and decent writing. The action bits are totally over the top and ridiculous. But the character development is really good. We enjoyed it, but it is not something that we are going to binge.

We switched to Golden Girls for a while. But not for very long.

This afternoon, Liesl came out and asked to watch Family Matters with me. We watched that together until after six. Then Garrett wants to play Raft with her online, so she left me. I switched to watching Star Trek: Enterprise. I am on the final season, getting close to being caught up having seen all episodes of all Star Trek series, except those currently being made and not yet available.

Dinner tonight was tuna steaks. The were amazing. Probably the best tuna steaks that we have had. Dominica made a lemon cream sauce that was just perfect. I don’t know what kind of rub that Paul used on the tuna but it really worked. Tomorrow is going to be salmon, it is already marinating tonight.

We all watched an episode of Star Trek: Voyager while eating dinner. We are working through that series very slowly.

It is supposed to get cold tonight, getting to just one degree above freezing. Quite cold, have to finally close the windows. Had the window open last night while sleeping still.

More SGL updates. It feels so good to get these wrapped up. I finished what was missing in July by around the time that we were having dinner. And August and most of September were completed long ago. So by completing July, I lept in completion to nearly the end of September.

Dominica has more dehydrator food underway. Today it is pineapple slices being dehydrated.

This evening I finally introduced Dominica to The Orville which we watched for a while.

Dominica needed something from CVS for her tooth, and so I ran out at a few minutes before midnight to get it. Our Walgreens here closes early, and our CVS closes at midnight. I made it in the door with just five minutes left to go. But I got what she needed and raced back home.

Dominica and the kids all had midnight snacks, literally after midnight. Had to make the girls a late dinner and everything. So we ended up watching Brooklyn Nine Nine way later than I would have wanted to. Liesl even came out and joined us.

Tonight I read chapter thirty two of “Tom Sawyer” to the girls, the scary chapter where Tom and Becky are totally lost in the cave and run out of food and candles.

Overall it was a quiet and relaxing day. The girls pretty much played video games with their cousins all day. Raft is proving to be pretty popular. That and Roblox were their games for the whole day. They really wish that they had two copies of it and two Steam video game systems so that they could play more together. And all of the adults were pretty much watching Hulu and Netflix all day.

Paul finally tried out the Oculus Go today and found that he can barely use it at all without feeling sick. He is the first one to have an issue using it. All of the people who thought that it would be a problem have found that it does not bother them.

The kids (and the cousins) are back to school tomorrow. As are our friends in Romania. But it is only one week of school, then more vacation next week. So the Grices are planning on coming up to Dallas to visit on Friday night and will be here until Tuesday, I think.