January 24, 2019: MIDMRKT Dallas

Thursday. Our second day in a row of busy conference activities. Today we get to stay in Dallas, though, thankfully. So I could not sleep in, too much to do. I got up and showered, then worked for a few hours. Nothing major going on, just needed a little bit of time to make sure that I was keeping up with all of my usual work since I was going to be out of the office all day, again.

I had to shave my head this morning, so I had to allow some time for that. At a quarter after eleven, Paul and I drove down to Dallas proper to go to Top Golf on Park Lane where we are supposed to be meeting for another security conference that starts at noon.

The conference went well today, it was a local MIDMRKT CIO Forum event. Today it was @Risk Technology presenting. Their CEO and founder gave an impassioned presentation on his background, why the company was formed, and what their visual and approach is to cyber security.

We got a lot of good information and met some good people and got to see some friends. It was a good day for us. Paul spent some time playing golf, as well. I declined to play, but did hang out in the golf area. We stayed until nearly four, then drove back to the office.

I put in probably four more hours of working. The shop ran pretty smoothly with me out this week. I’m very happy with how well they have been handling it. Especially as Maggie is out all week dealing with being a translator for the pope!

Dinner this evening was farfalle with vodka sauce. Dominica and I watched a couple episodes of The Orville which I am caught up on, but she is still just starting. She got to see episodes three and four this evening which are where the show really transitions from being goofy into being a really serious drama tackling issues way beyond the scope that the Star Trek franchise is willing to deal with.

Dominica went to bed early. I did a few more hours of SGL writing, some customer tickets, NodeBB work, etc.

Tomorrow morning Paul and I have an early meeting downtown Dallas. We are going to take the train to make it easier. So we will be out of the office all morning and I need to be up quite early so that we can get moving. That’s three exhausting days in a row. This week is intense.