March 21, 2019: New Intern Starts Today

Thursday. Work today at home. In the early afternoon I found out that SpiceCorps DFW is taking place this evening at PinStack in Irving. So my day got a bit hectic as I worked on getting things done so that I could arrange things so that I could make it to the meeting. The day was pretty busy. Managed to finally get an application for the job opening that we have later in the day.

Today we had a new intern from Panama City start working with us. So much of the day was spent getting her as much up to speed as possible. So much to be done.

I had to shower at five and run out the door at six. I got to Irving just in time for the evening. StorageCraft sponsored this evening. I had a cheese and spinach quesadilla and some delicious potato salad. Not a big vegetarian selection, but it was tasty.

It was a nice meeting tonight, a good turn out. Rush came out, too. I had one Lakewood Temptress while I was there. PinStack has good food and beer.

Got home and pretty much went right to bed. It was kind of late by the time that I got in.