March 9, 2019: WiiU and Willow

Saturday. Quiet day at home.

I finally got the WiiU hooked up in the girls’ room for Luciana today. She has been asking for it for a week or more. I got all of the parts set up in their room on the big TV. Although we quickly discovered that we did not have enough batteries in the house. So that is on Dominica’s shopping list for later as we need a lot for all of the controllers this week with the cousins coming. We need four controllers for the WiiU and four controllers for the Steam system. That is like fourteen batteries!

Liesl was in the mood for BLTs today. So I made those for everyone. Dominica recently got me tomatoes and Liesl has been loving having them again. She is such a tomato girl.

Dominica and I got back to watching Will & Grace today. We are on the second season and made it through a bit.

This afternoon our next DVD case from Amazon arrived. We have a scheduling plan for the DVD cases. Each case holds four hundred DVDs. That is five to six of our storage boxes. One DVD case creates so much recycling that it completely fills our municipally allotted capacity for a fortnight. So we have to pace out doing the DVDs at the pace that we can recycle the cases. So in two weeks we will get our next case and do it again. While we watched shows today, I got through four boxes today. I figured that I will do two more tomorrow and we will be done. The garage is now noticeably getting cleaned out. Two stacks are now gone from the floor space.

We did a little Just Dance Disney tonight. And the girls played a bit of their Nintendoland game.

Liesl also got out her Nintendo 3DS and played Animal Crossing: New Leaf for at least an hour.

Dominica and Paul went out to shoot some pool this evening. The girls stayed home with me. Liesl and I did a movie night. Luciana just wanted to hang out on her own.

This evening we ordered in Chinese from China One. Luciana decided against the shrimp tonight. Liesl went for a mix of fried shrimp and orange shrimp. I got the orange shrimp, and the crab rangoons. And some veggie lo mein for leftovers tomorrow.

We did movies tonight. Liesl wanted an anime. So first up was Porco Rosso, one of my favourite Studio Ghibli films. Liesl liked it, but it was not her favourite. That the movie is set in the Croatian islands in the Adriatic around where we have been. And some more of it happens in Milan, Italy, where we have been. She was not too interested in that stuff, though.

After that, we decided to watch Willow which I have not seen in so many years and Liesl has never seen. She was not too impressed at the beginning; she thought that it was pretty boring. But about halfway through, after she had pushed to get into the story, she started to get into it. By the end she was pretty hooked. She didn’t love it, but she liked it.

It was pretty late, about one in the morning, by the time that we finished our long final movie. So time to get to bed. Dominica and I have to be up before eight in the morning so that we can drive halfway to Houston to meet up with Francesca and pick up Garrett and Clara who are coming up to spend the week with us.