May 30, 2019: Found the Missing MangoCon 2017 Videos

Thursday. One of my two days at home alone. It is so rare that I get these now. I hate having the kids be away, but I really appreciate the time to myself.

Everyone was up and out the door at four thirty this morning so that they could get through Dallas before rush hour hit. And get to Houston after rush hour. It is such a horrible drive if you end up hitting either one of them.

I went to Taco Bueno for some lunch today. Yum.

I was feeling very tired and run down today. I was not super productive. I did, however, do some maintenance on the SD cards that we have for the trip and discovered that we had some of the footage from MangoCon 2017 and some of what we have has audio. Sadly it would appear that much was not filmed, and a lot of what was filmed does not have audio. So what we have is very limited, but at least it is something. I sorted all of that out and got it uploading today. Hopefully that will get posted soon, just two years late.

My new super light (and small) travel tripod arrived from Amazon today. One more shipment coming tomorrow, with the travel 4TB hard drive to put the media on, is all that is left. I hate traveling with only a single hard drive, but we have to be cost conscious and take our chances for this trip. I’ll upload everything that I can as we go to avoid it being the only copy of the media as much as is possible, but that is going to be excessively hard to do in most of our locations.

I went out for a short walk today. Did some camera tests while I was out. It was not a long walk, but it was good to get out some. I really need to walk tomorrow, too. There is so little time before Europe. I need to prep all week if I am to have any hope of being ready in any way. This is going to be one exhausting money, for sure.

I made myself a veggie burger for dinner, I am trying to use up whatever is left around the house. Dominica went out to Carl’s Jr. in Houston today. Of course they are open when she goes. No Carl’s Jr for me.

I watched a bit of Karl Watson today, and some Hey Nadine. I was feeling pretty tired, though. So I did some light work and decided to call it a night at eleven. That’s so early for me. But I just was not feeling any reason to stay up any later.

Rachel and I had been talking about going up to Denton tonight to go to East Side since she needs to run up there anyway to pick up her paycheck. But she didn’t get back to me until I was already in bed. So not tonight.