October 19, 2019: Finishing Trail of the Twister

Saturday. The sun is shining and it is a very nice day here in Dallas, today. I actually got up quite early, like just after seven, even though I didn’t go to bed until around one thirty last night. I just woke up and it felt like time to get up. Dominica was actually up before me, she said that I had been snoring.

Less than two weeks until we head down to Nicaragua! That’s crazy, I can’t believe that it is coming up so quickly. It is twelve days until Halloween, and thirteen days until we fly down to Managua! It felt like it was a ways away, but it isn’t at all.

I got up, made coffee, and got some work done in the office this morning. And got SGL posted for yesterday. I built some VDI systems. And a new server to deploy some code for testing. Talked to several clients. Closed some tickets. Pushed some other code out to staging and tested. Opened some tickets. It was rather busy. Plus plenty of posting on MangoLassi. I just figured out today that this is the week when my all time post count on MangoLassi is going to surpass the one on Spiceworks! Well over 135,000 posts on both. ML is actually way, way ahead of my SW activity because on SW I only ever had one account, but on ML I have a news posting account (with like eight thousand of its own posts), a admin account (with lots of its own), etc. But as myself, it’s about to surpass it.

Around eleven thirty the girls and I sat down and played Nancy Drew in the Trail of the Twister again. We are making good headway and hope to complete it today. This is title number twenty two in the Nancy Drew video game saga. We have hopped around a bit and this one is the prequel to the first game that the girls played in the series, Shadow at the Water’s Edge, which is number twenty three.

At one thirty I took a break from gaming with the kids and went to the natatorium to swim. I got in 2,000 yards. It was a good swim. I grabbed an Impossible Whopper on the drive back and ate it. Then went to Taco Bueno and got myself dinner to re-heat later so that I wouldn’t have to go out again. And the girls had requested Long John Silver’s, so I stopped there and then it was back to the house. Nearly five by the time that I got back.

I did a lot of work this afternoon. It was quite productive. All kinds of stuff.

This evening the girls and I settled in to playing Nancy Drew and the Trail of the Twister. It took several hours, but we finally completed it! It was a pretty good title in the series, although I think that the “mood” of it wasn’t as good as many others, but doing a weather related one was definitely a good change of pace.

We went back to working on Nancy Drews in an Alibi in Ashes, which is number twenty eight in the series and is the one where Nancy is in jail and you have to play as her friends to try to set her free.