January 2, 2020: The Family Returns with the VR

Thursday. I was really tired this morning and slept in till around ten. That might sound like six hours of sleep, but it really wasn’t. In reality I am lucky if I got three or four hours of sleep.

Dominica got on the road around nine, so the kids were home early in the afternoon and Dominica brought me two Carl’s Jr. Beyond Famous Star with Cheeses. Yum.

The family got home and I got to see them a little. Mia was SO excited that everyone was home. She has been missing having all of her “pack” together at home.

I had to work all afternoon. The girls were ready to have some downtime to themselves. Just quiet time without so many people around. Liesl set up in the living room and Luciana in their bedroom. And that is where they were all evening.

It is Thursday, so billiards league so just me and the girls home tonight. While Paul and Dominica were out I finally got time to hook up the new gaming PC and the Oculus Rift S in the living room and get it all up and running so that we can start using it. That was the first project that everyone had for me.

The girls, of course, got straight into Beat Saber, which they love. They got me to play, too, but only for about two songs. I just don’t have the time for anything more, and someone is always looking to play the system.

The girls played on the Oculus until Paul and Dominica got home. Then Paul and Liesl played the rest of the night. I worked. Dominica hung out with Mia and read on her phone in the living room.

Before going to bed tonight, I played the VR for just a tiny bit. Luciana had been trying out some new games, like The Crow. I tried downloading Rise of the Tomb Raider but that was going to take too long. The girls convinced me to try some zombie rail shooter on a mining cart and that gave me light vertigo and made me feel awful. So none of that for me.

Got to bed before two, I think, tonight. I need it, I am pretty tired from this week. But the family is back home! It has been a long, hard haul of being way too busy and very lonely while they are gone.

Tomorrow is the City of Carrollton’s Harry Potter Yule Ball like we had so much fun attending last year. It is our favourite event put on by our city. We will be attending that along with Juancho and Isabella tomorrow evening after work.