January 5, 2020: Happy Birthday Paula

Sunday. Since Romania is eight hours ahead of us, we all talked to Paula last night to which her a happy seventeenth birthday. But today is officially her birthday.

The Oculus Rift was well in use by the time that I got up this morning. That thing is going pretty much consistently from morning until night. Paul starts using it at like four or five in the morning. Liesl is still using it at one or two at night! It only gets a few hours to rest between shifts!

Around noon Luciana got a chance to get on the VR and tried out a new game that she got for it this morning, Coco VR. It was pretty short, but it worked and she enjoyed it. She said that it was a lot better than the version for the Oculus Go that she had played in the past.

I tried Coffin Dodgers on the VR today, but it didn’t work. It’s very frustrating how much time I put into the VR just to find that games don’t work or don’t work well. I get so little time to use it that these frustrations are magnified.

We lost a few hours this afternoon because the VR stopped working. We had to reinstall it and try all kinds of things. It took easily two hours to get it working again. Very frustrating. We were really worried that we were going to have to send it back.

This evening our datacenter is Los Angeles needed to do a physical move. In theory this was supposed to only require half an hour. Haha. Of course it takes more than that. I’m not complaining, the team did a great job with it. But it took much closer to five hours before things were back up. It would have been much shorter but they accidentally cut off our networking before we could power down and that meant that they had to go to the new datacenter, get the networking equipment, and bring it back to the old site, hook everything back up and get us up and running. I was at my desk pretty much that entire time to support the datacenter move. But it went about as well as a data center move could possibly go. Our entire rack had to be put on a truck and moved. So pretty extensive.

Tonight, Rachel came over a little before midnight. She brought over lentil dip, a bit of beer (including Suprema, my current favourite) and Salva Vida from Honduras. We watched the last five episodes of The Mandalorian and finished up the first season. Then she borrowed a suitcase and went home to pack. I have to take her to the airport at four tomorrow afternoon. She is off to Miami to catch her heavy metal rock band cruise to Cozumel.

I have to be up early tomorrow. I have a seven thirty meeting in Plano. I will be getting up at six thirty to get ready for that. Then tomorrow evening is expected to be Dungeons & Dragons night. A long day for me. Tomorrow night should be my first chance to break out my Forged D&D gaming board.