May 12, 2020: Take Flight Episode 1 is Live!

Tuesday. A more or less quiet day at work today. The big news for the day is that after a lot of work teaching myself video editing and teaching myself the OpenShot non-linear video editor I finally completed the first episode of Take Flight for YouTube, which is up on a new channel, and got it posted! I am incredibly excited about this one. It was a ton of work and this is something that I have been wanting to do for a really long time.

The first series being made is the “Grand Tour 2” created from the footage from taking Emily and Madeline to Europe in 2019.

First episode: Athens, Greece. Please watch, like, and subscribe!

And, of course, the regular daily vlog as well.

The new gutters got installed today to the part of the roof where we had the roof removed on Sunday. So now the work on the roof is finished and it looks great. The space in front of the house looks even better than I imagined that it would. I loved those pillars, but the house is so much more open now. It looks so much more open.

Now we just need to paint the house. Without the brick of the pillars covering a huge portion of the front of the house, the painted wood is twice as prominent so the update of new paint will go even farther.