March 27, 2021: Packing the Kitchen

Saturday. Packing is heavily underway now. After the past few days seeing the living room, bar, and the girls’ room getting lots of packing this morning saw the kitchen getting packed up and this afternoon attention turned to the girls’ classroom space which eventually turned into Paul’s office.

This past week the Burger King in Geneseo, New York which is the BK that I grew up going to and was the site of one of my first jobs, was torn down. After I had left GMI in Flint, Michigan and before starting classes at MCC in Rochester I had been working at the Pizza Hut there in Geneseo as the crew chief and one day walked over to the BK next door (we shared a parking lot) to see if I could pick up some spare cashier hours on the side. They instead hired me as a regional assistant manager (like an AM but not assigned to a specific store) and I did all of my training there at the Geneseo store. So I have a lot of memories there. Plus, of course, that store must have been there from before I was born as I have no memory of it ever not being there. The store could easily be fifty years old!

It got really warm today. We were sweating in the house after having fleeces on yesterday. In the afternoon it was seventy nine in the house!

There is so much school stuff that needs to be boxed up. The old dining room that turned into the school room eventually turned into school storage and is totally full of home schooling materials. Over the years all of the different projects, books, attempts and whatnot of home schooling just collected there and has now become the densest storage in the house.

For dinner everyone was tired, so we just ordered delivery from Dominos.

I did a lot of work on MangoLassi today. The site has been horribly out of date for a long time and really needed attention. There have been all kinds of factors keeping it from getting regular updates and I am attempting to fix a lot of that and, potentially, move it to a more modern and, hopefully, much cheaper hosting option. It has been on the same Linode instance since about 2015, that’s six years without upgrading the hardware. It’s run great, but there are so many versions newer database, programming platform, operating system, and platform itself. It is time for some love and attention.

I put in many hours working on the MangoLassi updates. We went from NodeBB 1.12 all the way up to the current 1.16? We took MongoDB from 3.2 all the way to 4.4 (going through 3.4, 3.6, 4.0, and 4.2 along the way.). We updated from NodeJS 10 to 15!

Then the even bigger change. Backing everything up and migrating from CentOS 7 running on Linode to Ubuntu 20.10 running on Vultr! What a day.

We all worked very hard today. There was almost no downtime. But the vehicles are quite heavily loaded up already and there is more to go out to them in the morning. MangoLassi has been moved to the new site. The girls have made a lot of decisions about things that they are not going to keep. Paul made two donation runs today as we filled his SUV twice with stuff to donate! We have a few full bins and some furniture all going to Emily, rather than to our storage unit. It’s a crazy amount of stuff that is done. The kitchen is so empty that it is nearly useless other than the food in it. Everything has been packed.

I leave for Atlanta the day after tomorrow (late on Monday) and will be gone pretty much the whole week. They think that they can get the rest of the house painted and enough packing done that I will have to do another run to Houston to the storage unit next weekend.