Thursday. Got up and walked the dogs today, just a little under three miles. Not bad. Our power had come on last night at a quarter until two in the morning. So we had air conditioning for most of the night. We are so thankful for our generator, though!

Everyone (except for Liesl and I) went up to León today. Luciana has a follow up appointment at the doctor’s about her toe. So Dominica took my broken Teva sandals with them and they found a shoe repair place that fixed by shoe super fast for less than two dollars! Incredible!

Dominica took Luciana to breakfast at Mañana Mañana where she had some waffle and ice cream thing.

Luciana’s doctor’s appointment went pretty well. They had to do a little more trimming on her toe, but overall they said that it was looking good and things should be all fixed in about three months.

Work was really busy for me today. And tomorrow is going to be crazy, too. Especially in the morning. I skipped lunch today, just worked right through. Not really a problem as I have been eating too much, anyway. There is just so much good food here and it is so easy to have someone make it for us.

The rain came at four thirty this afternoon. Earlier than it usually does. There was some thunder, too, so of course Mia got nervous. Poor dog is still scared of every storm.

There was a break in the rain around five thirty and I took the dogs on a nice two mile walk. It was sprinkling most of the time, which was great. It was nice and cool with gorgeous deep grey skies and all kinds of lightning across the sky. Perfect weather for a long walk.

Just fifteen days until Allen moves to Las Peñitas. His last Utah based staffer was done as of today. He has already shipped a bunch of his stuff to come down here.

This evening Michellez came over and the girls all wanted pizza. So we just gave in and had pizza, too. Each of the three girls ate one half of a pizza from Puesta del Sol. Dominica and I split a Norwegian pizza (smoked salmon) and Ivonne had a little bit of it and a tiny leftover bit was shared with the staff.

So last night staff asked Ivonne if they could all go out to León to go dancing tomorrow. She had told them “no”, it was a bad idea as they would all be too tired to work. But when she told us about the idea we were immediately like “whoo hoo, that sounds like a great idea” and, as Ivonne likes to say, “I think it is a bad idea, but it is your hotel.”, so we are all going and our hotel chauffeur is going to drive everyone. It should be a lot of fun. This will be our first time going out in almost two years! Everyone needs this.

I took the dogs out at nine for their last walk of the night and I clocked in a rather light walking day at just a little over fourteen thousand steps for the day.

I had to do book edits tonight. Boy this is all very exhausting. But I am over the halfway point and moving faster and faster as I get into the groove.

Found out today that Kat had missed getting her vaccine in the States due to weather. She never then rescheduled. She went to a music event last week and, not surprisingly, now has COVID. There is very little going on with COVID down here. But boy are we hearing a lot about how bad it is back in the EEUU / USA.