Wow, what a day the site had yesterday. I think that this may be the single busiest twenty four hour period ever on the site. Not only have we been having high traffic levels (everyone under the sun has been contacting me about the site) but also we have a lot of new content added […]

I am having a weird problem with the site on my computer. When I refresh the page using F5 (I am using Internet Explorer 5.5 SP1) sometimes the navigational bar on the left shows up as white for a really long time. Is anyone else having that problem? I am very impressed by the number […]

I have been reprimanded by Cara for mentioning Dominica’s cooking for us and not mentioning that a few months ago Cara came over and cooked for the entire Llama household so here I am, mentioning it now. Thanks Cara, we loved it. I was also reprimanded for mentioning my broken toe and not mentioning that […]

There is actually some new content on the site today. Look in our pics section to see some new pictures of the Llamas. I know that all of you dedicated Llama readers are totally excited. Today, Nate and I are going to tour a house that we are very interested in. We are very excited […]