May 7, 2002: Apparently “Blogging” is the Hot New Trend

I discovered an article on today that discusses web sites where people share their thoughts and lives with the web world at large. They referred to these “Web Logs” or Blogs as the newest trend in the web today. Well, we are way ahead of the curve here, aren’t we? I have been blogging on SGL for over a year and a half now. That is ages in Web time. I am an Epoch ahead of everyone, apparently. It also mentions on the site that grammer is not necessarily strict for blogs and that you can have misspellings and stuff and it is ok. So kiss my butt – all you grammerical critics.

Min and I watched “Riding in Cars with Boys” today while we were babysitting the girls. Both of them slept for most of the afternoon so we had the chance to watch something other than children’s television. I also got the chance to check my email today. And to check the news. Boy do you lose touch after five days away from the internet. I hope that I get a chance to update the site today as well. I didn’t think that Riding in Cars was all that good. It was okay but I had a hard to connecting to any of the characters.

The Count of Monte Cristo is playing at the dollar fifty theatre just down the street so I am hoping that Min will want to go there. There haven’t been very many movies this year that I have wanted to see. However, Star Wars II, Austin Powers 3: Goldmember, Star Trek X and Lord of the Rings 2 are all going to be out this year so I very excited about this summer. Attack of the Clones opens in just a week and a day. Josh, Montana Bob, Phil, Kate, Loopy and I are all planning on heading out to Rochester to catch opening night. I have seen Jedi and Ep I on opening nights so I have to keep the tradition going. I saw Empire in the theatres but not on opening day. Scooby-Doo is also coming out this summer. That might be interesting. There are a couple of good people in it. It might turn out to be okay.

Min and I went to the Galviston Aquarium today with the kids. We had a good time but the aquarium is very expensive for being a pretty small place. Not very impressive but we had a good time.

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