Connecting VNC with virt-install in RHEL 5.4

If you have been using virt-install for a while and have update to RHEL 5.4 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) or CentOS 5.4 then you will likely have noticed that the virt-install utility has changed its behaviour.  No longer can you simply run virt-install without any other parameters.  To run the way that the utility was […]

Change Windows Password from the Command Line

Whether you are on Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 or some other recent version of the Windows NT system you have probably gotten into a situation where you wanted to change your password but did not have a means of issuing a remote Ctl-Alt-Del to bring up the password change dialogue or, for one reason […]

SQLite3-Ruby Gem Version Issues on Red Hat Linux and CentOS

So you are attempting to follow earlier instructions on installing SQLite3 to use with Ruby on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (aka RHEL) or CentOS 5 and you get the following error: gem install sqlite3-ruby ERROR:  Error installing sqlite3-ruby: sqlite3-ruby requires Ruby version > 1.8.5 Don’t worry, you are not alone.  What has happened is that […]

Mounting and Unmounting CD and DVD Images in Xen

A simple, but often hard to figure out, task with virtualizing with Xen is learning how to mount and unmount, dynamically, CD and DVD image files, also known as ISOs.  This is actually quite simple but the commands are unintuitive.  The first step is to download the ISO file that you while to mount and […]