Installing MediaTomb on OpenFiler

If you have researched both FreeNAS and OpenFiler then you will be aware that a key difference between the two is the inclusion of a UPNP media server in FreeNAS.  This is lacking in OpenFiler and is a major piece of functionality that I with to have in my own installation.  I specifically would like […]

Third Party Hard Drive for HP Proliant DL185 G5

This document applies directly to the Hewlett Packard Proliant DL185 G5 server.  I have tested this with the twelve front bay configuration and will test shortly with the rear-facing drive configuration as well.  [Edit – Tested with fourteen drive configuration and it checked out just fine.] When buying a hot-swap SAS or SATA 3.5″ hard […]

Intel Core 2 Duo Reports as Pentium III in Windows XP

I have been running into a lot of people having issues with Windows XP recently who use WMI to poll data from machines running Intel Core 2 Duo processors.  These processors report as Pentium III processors through the WMI Win32_Processor class. This is caused by an actual bug that appears to be impacting Windows XP […]

Accessing HP Integrity MP for Newbies ^Ecf

So you’ve bought/inherited/stolen a hot HP Integrity server… now what do you do?  For those not up on their EPIC systems, the HP Integrity line is Hewlett-Packard’s Intel Itanium 2-based server line running the EPIC IA64 architecture.  These are seriously high-end servers and not to be taken lightly. So you acquire one.  The first thing […]