Well, my internet connection doesn’t seem to be any better today. Hello llamas! One of our fellow llamas from Rochester is down to visit us this week. Joe showed up last night. He did not make it, however, for the weekly llama night at the Crooked Board in Slayterville Springs. You know, all you can eat awesome wings for $10. Whoo-hoo. Bob and I got plenty of wings though, so don’t worry about us:)

Sorry that this has to be short but I am too busy today again. Make sure to write to Josh and wish him a happy 25th birthday. Or better yet, go to Blue Mountain and send him an e-card. He is feeling the arthritis already. One quarter of a century. Actually is birthday was like three days ago and I am a big poopy head and I forgot to call him.

Wow, my internet connection is so slow this morning that I can barely update this at all! Sorry that the updates have been coming so slowly. My computer has been down for the last week and will be going down again this week when I install a new processor in it (I am working on my old Pentium II 350 right now.) I am upgrading to a Pentium III 700. That will be nice. All the better for Quake II and Unreal:)

Nate got a personalized toothbrush that is suction cupped to our downstairs bathroom mirror. Just thought that you all should know that. Have a good one. Talk to you all soon.

Ok, so Nate and I went out house hunting the other day (yes, the llamas are shopping for a house of their own.) We aren’t going to buy for a long time but we want to have a good idea of what we want. If anyone knows of a nice place that is going to be for sale in Tompkins County, let us know. But, while we were out we went looking for sheep guarding llamas! We found a flock of sheep with a lone llama on Lounsberry Road in Caroline. It is a very cute llama too. We were quite impressed. We also think that we found someone who might want to sell the llamas their llama. We are very happy. We did find someone with a farm that is going to let us keep our mascot llama there. So, we are very excited llamas as you can tell. Llamas are so cool. Did you know that they make wonderful pets, fit easily into a minivan and have small, odorless dung? Well, it’s true. You should all learn more about llamas.

Speaking of bizarre barnyard incidents…Nate and I were back home on our farms earlier today and we went by one of our old haunts to get some awesome bacon-turkey hot subs. Anyway, we found the world’s coolest key chain. It is a pooping pig! Yes, on a key chain! I know that no one is going to believe this but it is true. It is a small pink pig on a key chain. When you squeeze it, it poops. How weird. I will get a picture to put up so that you all can see it. We had to buy one since no one was going to believe us. The sub shop said that they were all out of cows (or we would have bought more) and never had any llamas but had sold out five cases of these things already! Holy cow, or pig, as the case may be. Or should I say holy POOP!!

Nate and I spent the day yesterday in Rochester seeing Rent. What a great musical. Bob drove out to Ohio to see a friend of ours and Loopy decided to just camp out at the house alone.

I can’t believe how warm it was yesterday. Weren’t we getting snow last week? It hit 74° F yesterday. That is just screwed up!

Don’t forget that easter is coming up this weekend so make sure to stock up on chocolate now. Mmmmmm… Cadbury cream eggs!

Yo fools! I am writing today’s update from my living room beanbag while watching ” Kindergarten Cop.” All of the llamas are here watching, what a bunch of weirdos we are. Josh came down from Rochester this weekend and we ended up having an all day frag fest on Saturday playing Quake II. We have gotten so into these computer games, it is truly pathetic. Having four players in the house makes for some good gaming though. I ran out to the mall yesterday and picked up more games so that we have more variety. I can’t believe how much we play. Anyway, happy April Fools Day! It is hard to believe that it is already April, this year has been flying by so quickly.

Ok, so Josh brought down his copy of the anime Serial Experiments: Lain – Navi. What a bizarre film. I don’t know yet if I can recommend this one. It is a very strange movie – I haven’t been able to follow it all yet. I will keep you up to date as to whether or not I am able to figure out what is going on. It is interesting to say the least. I have already watched the first four episodes and I am still in the dark. So…

We managed to get a picture of the gang over the weekend. Nate took the picture for us. That is me all the way over on the right. Josh is next to me, you’ve all seen him before. That is Loopy standing next to Josh! Yes, Loopy really does exist. Matt is standing on the left. The picture is taken here in the llamas’ kitchen.

April Fools Llamas... Matt Josh Andy Scott

Wow, can you believe that it has been ten days since I have had the chance to write anything to the site? What a busy week. I had to run down to Washington and work down there all week. While I was there, I spent some time watching ” SpongeBob SquarePants ” on Nick. I suggest that everyone check it out. It is so funny. I have been singing the theme song for the last two days. Loopy is going crazy.