November 4, 2021: Avianca Screwed Up Our Flight from Miami to Managua

It started off as a casual, simple flight of just two hours from Miami to Managua. What could go wrong? We’ve done all of our paperwork, we are vaccinated, our COVID tests are negative, we have our shuttle scheduled a day ahead, we have left ourselves more than four hours at the airport so that we do not have to worry about anything. Today should be a really easy travel day.

The plan today is to fly early in the afternoon, arrive in Managua, and meet up with Paul and Ivonne who have a van headed to Managua to meet us as we get there and deal with some paperwork with the lawyers when we arrive.

Was about to get in some videos while waiting on the shuttle which forgot to get us today. So we lost about forty five minutes waiting for them to come get us.

November 3, 2021: Houston to Miami

Today was pretty crazy and so there are a lot of videos to go with it.

We were very lucky that everything fit into the little Nisson Rogue. We were pushing our limits pretty heavily. We used every last inch of the car and if the girls were any bigger they would not have fit with one of the big suitcases between them in the back seat and smaller carry-ons under their feet! As it was, everyone had to hold their backpacks.

The drive from Friendswood to the IAH airport was absolutely insane. We allowed ourselves a lot of time to make the drive and it was not enough. More than two hours of driving just to cross the city and the traffic was very scary the whole way.

We did arrive safely in Miami.

November 2, 2021: COVID Testing Day, Again

My day started at three in the morning when I had to get up and drive Diane to IAH airport so that she could get her flight back to Syracuse. It was almost five thirty when I got back home, bringing some Whataburger with me for the family knocking off essentially everything on Luciana’s “must eat” list from America.

I managed to catch a quick half hour nap before having to get up to drive the family into Houston to get our COVID test done with Auspicious Labs who were totally fantastic. We will be using them every time from now on. Not only was their price good, but the kids’ insurance covered their testing completely and our insurance partially covered ours. That saved us so much money and worry.

The testing was quick and easy and time for the long drive back to Friendswood. It is amazing how far apart COVID testing centers are. If you live anywhere but right in the city, you have nothing.

Today is our big packing day. Tomorrow we are headed for Miami.