October 13, 2019: oneNica

Sunday. Today ended up being a busy day for me. I started doing some light work this morning and then by the afternoon I had come up with a new business idea and just had to get started with it right away. So my day went from “not sure what I am working on” to “major project stuff” really quickly.

My new business is oneNica, a business helping to promote and develop local businesses around Nicaragua. First by providing free web site creation and hosting, in partnership with Hostadillo of course, and free email. Then building local guides around Nicaragua to help both locals and tourists to find resources in different areas. And a lot of cool ideas to come from that. But that is where we are starting. A good chance to help out small businesses and give them a way to get online that they have not had before. Getting business email is extremely hard down there.

I went swimming this afternoon. I did not have much time so just did one thousand yards and called it a day. Then on the way home I stopped at Taco Cabana hoping to get breakfast tacos. Only to find out that they discontinued doing breakfast tacos after breakfast time on Monday. That really sucks because that’s what I like to eat there and now they don’t sell them. And I only just learned about them like a month ago.

Luciana discovered Doodle God Alchemy Jam on Steam today and started playing that. She really likes it.

This evening I built the new website, and built a new MailCow email server! So quite a busy day. I ended up working until three thirty in the morning to get everything done.

October 12, 2019: Lazy Saturday with Dominica

Saturday. Today was my mostly lazy day. I didn’t have any scheduled work and Dominica is mostly confined to the living room couch. So I went out and spent most of the day with her watching Netflix and Hulu.

I managed to go swimming today. I got in a mile. Kat went with me, but swam about half an hour less than I did. I grabbed Taco Bell breakfast on the way there.

On the way home from swimming we stopped at Long John Silvers and got food for the kids.

We have been watching a bit of Designing Women which, in reality, is a pretty bad show. It’s a struggle to get through it. The writing was bad, it was all super boring and the characters aren’t likeable. But it is a classic from our childhoods, so we watch it some.

We watched quite a bit of Brooklyn Nine Nine later on, which is one of the best shows, ever. We made it through probably half of a season!

I had hoped for another family video game night tonight, but Dominica was not interested and the girls got involved in doing their own thing.

October 11, 2019: Nancy Drew Trail of the Twister

Friday. The weather has finally broken and it is nice and cool here in Dallas. Forty degrees today! And it rained all night, which is great. We have really been needing the rain. It hasn’t been a drought, but it has been extremely dry.

I spent most of my day on the phone working today. I really appreciate having a nice headset, it makes a huge difference.

This evening, Liesl, Luciana, and I played Nancy Drew and the Trail of the Twister. We started it and got maybe one and a half to two hours in, I would guess. So far it is looking like a pretty interesting one. We had tried another title that we were in the middle of but it had audio issues so we started this one instead.

So far, I think that Trail of the Twister is looking like it is going to be a lot of fun.

October 10, 2019: We Booked Our Flights to Nicaragua

Thursday. Very busy day today, we have a new project manager with our team in Bolivia who starts this morning. He was supposed to start around nine thirty, but came in at seven and was already active since we had set up his new accounts last night! Impressive.

So my day was extremely busy. Any free moments were spent working with the new hire. And I did get some time, but very little. It’s been a busy week.

This afternoon it was finally time for Allen and I to book our flights down to Nicaragua. We spent a couple of hours ironing out all fo the details. There is a lot to manage. But at this point, he is flying down to Dallas with his wife in the morning on November 1st. Then we are all flying out that evening to get to Managua in the middle of the night. We will either rent a car or take a taxi from Managua to San Juan del Sur where we will be most of the week. Then at some point we will transfer up to Granada, spend some time there. Then on the morning of November 9th we will fly back from Managua to Dallas. And he will fly back from Dallas to Salt Lake City that afternoon. It is going to be one crazy week down in Central America. I am so looking forward to getting back down there.

September 30, 2019: Watership Down with Liesl

Monday. Mia got me up just after six to take her out. She is quite the alarm clock. I let her out, then napped for another thirty minutes. Then she got me up again so I fed her and did the dishes.

Very busy day at the office. Kind of a good thing that I got started so early. Being out basically for an entire week really makes things tough. And we had some other people out in the office today, too, so we are extra scrambling to be on top of things.

The kids pretty much took care of themselves. They are enjoying having a week of relaxation. Their only real school thing this week is going to Book Club at the library on Wednesday with Juancho and Isabela. Liesl played Cat Quest on Steam and completed it this evening.

Tonight, Liesl decided that she would watch Watership Down on Netflix with me. This is one of my all time favourite books, so I am pretty excited to get to see this mini-series. And it is great that Liesl is going to watch it, such a great show for her to see. Luciana actually started watching it with me, but only made it five or ten minutes and decided that it was going to be too sad. Liesl didn’t watch the first few minutes, but she wandered by and got sucked into it and decided to stay with me and watch it. We only watched one episode tonight as it was getting late and the dog gets me up early in the morning, but she likes it and there are just four episodes in the series.