January 14, 2020: ST3 with Liesl


Today is the final day of Windows 7 support from Microsoft so work is totally mad as we are in the final push to get people moved off of Windows 7 to Windows 10 in the final hours of it being free.

Tonight Liesl and I watched a few episodes of Stranger Things: Season 3 which she is enjoying on her first time through and I am watching for the second time.

January 13, 2020: D&D Night


Really busy work week starting today. I did get our fake medical billing problem that I had talked about some time ago fixed today, it finally flowed through to the credit reporting agencies and we see it showing up now as being removed which is awesome.

Tonight is our Dungeons & Dragons night with Kat and Taylor. We play for many hours and it is pretty exhausting. The girls are really into it and loving D&D game play. This is totally their thing. They totally love it. Dominica really likes it to. As do Kat and Taylor. It’s just generally quite popular.

January 12, 2020: Liesl Watches Austin Powers 3

Sunday. We all watched a documentary about scotch on Hulu this morning. We are really enjoying this series. I’ve been watching some of the more recent Pierce Brosnan as James Bond movies yesterday and today. It has been a really long time since I have seen them.

This evening, Liesl watched Austin Powers 3: Goldmember for the first time with us. One of the few movies that she enjoys watching with us.

January 10, 2020: Tornadoes and Surprise Work Day

Friday. What a busy day.

Great Texas winter weather here overnight. This morning I got called into a pseudo-client where I ended up working for nearly six hours today! Even Paul had to run in and work, too. It was a crazy busy day, but worked out really well for the long run, I think.

Had lunch with Paul at Jason’s Deli in Plano today. Haven’t been there in forever. Had lobster chowder and grilled cheese.

It was pushing six when I finally got home. Big storms coming this evening. Rain during the day, but crazy downpour on the way home. I worked for about an hour before tornadoes hit the area. We were under tornado watch all evening. So the girls mostly hid in the house while I was outside most of the time listening to all of the sirens going off and tracking the tornadoes on Twitter as they went across the DFW. We even ended up in a rotation at one point, but never got hit ourselves.

Dominica and I watched Derry Girls tonight on Netflix. Really cool series about kids our age growing up in Northern Ireland during The Troubles. Very cool and interesting series.