March 9, 2014: Diane and Arael Return Home

We all bundled into the Acadia this morning and took Diana down to the train station so that she could go into the city.  Arael decided to stay back.  So after Diane took off we all went to the Westchester Diner and got some lunch.  The girls were begging for pancakes.  We had a nice breakfast, everyone really enjoyed it.

It was a pretty quiet afternoon at the house.  The girls played with Arael the whole time.  Diane didn’t spend a lot of time in the city and late afternoon I drove down to Croton-Harmon and picked her up.  They had to get on the road to drive back up to the north country so they could not stay for long.  It was pretty much straight back to the house, back the car and go.

We had a quiet Sunday evening at home.  Liesl and Luciana just cried and cried, they were so sad that Arael had left.  They love having her here.