March 8, 2014: Diane and Arael Go to New York

Relaxing morning.  Spent a lot of it just hanging out in the living room.  Dominica worked with Diane on her MacBook doing technical support for several hours and we just visited.  Nice having time to catch up and a chance to just relax.  Arael kept the girls occupied so we saw very little of them.

In the early afternoon Dominica took Diane and Arael to the Peekskill train station and they took Metro North down into the city.  This is Arael’s first time in New York City.  They had a busy day around the Times Square area and in the evening they managed to go see Roger and Hammerstein’s revival of “Cinderella” which they said was amazing.

In the evening, late evening, I went down to Croton-Harmon station and picked them up.  They survived their first day in NYC.